Advantages and Disadvantages of Wall Mount Air Conditioning System

In summer, home cooling is nearly a necessity. Air conditioning units like wall-mount air conditioners may reduce temperatures in a room, making it more comfortable. Numerous kinds of AC units are available, including portable units, window units, ductless or split units, as well as wall mounted ACs. Every type of air conditioning unit has its advantages and disadvantages.

Wall Mount Air Conditioning systemAbout Wall-Mount Air Conditioners

A wall-mount AC is similar to the window-mount air conditioning unit. They both eliminate warm air from the room to function well. Cooling the interior air is simply not enough. Therefore, this means it also has to access the environment outside the house. Both AC unit types have to be fixed on a wall adjacent to the exterior of the house for it to work efficiently. They additionally have enough power to cool a single room, and cannot be used to cool the whole house. The main variation is that window-mounted air conditioners can be installed on any existing opening, whereas wall-mount air conditioners need you to drill a hole through your wall.


Fixing a wall-mounted air conditioner is hard. Drilling a hole through your wall is the hardest bit, as you have to watch out for critical things like studs, pipes, and wiring. While making the hole, you also have to be sure the wall would not collapse. If you are uncertain of how its done, you can hire a contractor who is experienced with this particular kind of work to make sure the unit is installed well, and the warranty is not voided in any way. 


A wall-mounted AC has too much cooling power, costing nearly the same price as a window-mounted AC unit. It may cost more to install but is worth it in the long run. If you have the budget, it is recommended that you select a wall-mounted AC system over the window-mounted one. The wall-mounted unit is available in numerous brands and prices. For instance, Samsung has a wall-mount air conditioning unit that would cost $658.95. Sharp, on the other hand, sells two units each at $2,687.00.

Even with these examples, many brands pop-up in the market from time to time. The price variation is wide, as every type of system has a particular cooling power. You need to be aware of the cooling power needed for your room. You should have an AC estimate before you purchase an air conditioning unit and to help you get the most of your money and the best size for your room.


If you are planning to buy a wall-mounted air conditioning unit, remember to consider the installation costs, as well as where you intend to install it. It may turn out to be expensive, but the cost is justified through the savings. Find out the amount of cooling power you require from a wall-mount air conditioning unit and establish the wattage appropriate for the room you are cooling. Anything higher would be a waste of power. Your contractor should be able to figure this all out for you.